Jackie Bateman


Jackie Bateman is a novelist, screenwriter and copywriter living in Vancouver. Her first novel Nondescript Rambunctious won a national first book competition in Canada, and grew into a trilogy of psychological thrillers. The second novel in the series, Savour, was shortlisted for the Relit Awards. Straight Circles, the final, explosive book in the series, was published 2018 and won an IPPY gold medal in the European Fiction category. All three books are being developed into a limited television series called Thirst. Jackie has a number of film projects in development. You can find her at www.jacbateman.com and imdb.me/jackiebateman

Did the retreat meet your expectations?

It went beyond my expectations. I didn’t realize the location was going to be so beautiful. I was blown away by the house at Lambert Bridge. It was on the top of a sloping vineyard, with 5-star hotel luxury.

What was the most unexpected part of your stay?

I had pure unadulterated sunshine after what was apparently a complete washout of a week long rain storm.

What was the most enjoyable aspect of your retreat?

I was there to write, and nothing else was expected of me during my time there. It was a simplistic way to be for a few days.

Did the vineyard setting inspire you and/or your writing? In what ways?

I woke up to the most stunning view every morning. It felt almost unreal. Like I was living in my own head.

What did you work on during the retreat?

I worked on a new novel most of the time, plus I developed a treatment for a film. I was incredibly productive.

What other activities did you do during the retreat—any napping, hiking, or exploring the local area?

I’m an extremely talented napper. I went for walks in the Redwoods. I did a wine tasting at Francis Ford Coppola’s place and had a riot.

Did you participate in any activities or events arranged by the host winery?

The winery I stayed on was small and exclusive, for members only. They did invite me to a private tasting but I was too scruffy/embarrassed/introverted. I did have a really big glass of wine on arrival though, at their bar. It was fantastic.

Any tips or advice you think might be helpful for future residency applicants?

Go. Apply. Just go. I can’t recommend it enough.

Can you sum up your experience in ten words or less?

A unique experience in an inspiring setting.